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JEE (Main + Advanced) 1 Year Course (IMPULSE)JEE COURSE

JEE (Main + Advanced) 1 Year Course (IMPULSE)

JEE (Main + Advanced) 1 Year Course (EMERGE)JEE COURSE

JEE (Main + Advanced) 1 Year Course (EMERGE)

JEE (Main + Advanced) 2 Year Course (AGILE)JEE COURSE

JEE (Main + Advanced) 2 Year Course (AGILE)

JEE (Main + Advanced) 3-Year Course (EDGE)JEE COURSE

JEE (Main + Advanced) 3-Year Course (EDGE)

JEE (Main + Advanced) 4-Year Course (SEED)JEE COURSE

JEE (Main + Advanced) 4-Year Course (SEED)

Frequently Asked Questions

The admissions process generally involves a scholarship test (an evaluation of academic performance), followed by counselling and enrollment. Students can take direct admission into MENIIT’s programmes, but a scholarship test is recommended to check student potential and avail scholarships as per the performance of the student in the scholarship test.

MENIIT is a premier institute for IIT JEE, NEET and Foundation preparation, a new initiative of renowned NEXT IAS & MADE EASY Group. We specialise in providing high-quality coaching and comprehensive support to students aspiring for success in various competitive exams.

MENIIT stands out for its personalised learning experiences, offering small batch sizes and quality education. Its holistic development approach goes beyond exam preparation, focusing on personality development and build a strong foundation for future academic and career endeavors, making it a unique coaching institute.

We offer workshops and counseling sessions with experts to help students cope with the rigours of IIT JEE and NEET preparation.

Yes, we have scholarship and financial aid options available for students who demonstrate exceptional talent in the scholarship test.

MENIIT employs a combination of interactive classroom teaching, regular assessments, mock tests, and one-on-one doubt-solving sessions to ensure a comprehensive understanding of subjects and effective exam preparation.

Yes, we provide counseling and mentoring to help students set goals, manage stress, and address any academic or personal challenges they may face during their preparation.Even after the results are released, we offer counseling to help students select the best colleges for them.

Yes, we welcome students from various grade levels for our Foundation programs. Our courses are designed to cater to students starting from early grades to help them build a strong academic foundation.

Expert Career Counselling to Unlock Your Potential.

  • Clarity and Direction
  • Decision-Making Support
  • Long Term Career Planning
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