• Eligibility: Students who have appeared for/passed Class XII Board Exams.
  • Total Hours of Testing: 100


The test series begins in early October each year and includes a large number of part tests and full tests. Any student can join the test series course. The aspiring student will be entitled for giving tests in offline mode at the center. The schedule is available at the center.

Students who join late are entitled to give all the missed previous tests. Online testing for these tests is also available for the test series students. These students are not provided any study material but are entitled to receive our MENIIT NEET Compendium, which is a collection of all formulae and concepts in brief. This compendium helps in quick revision prior to a test.

The results of the test series tests are provided almost instantly (within 24 hours) along with a test analysis to each student.

  • Students who are enrolled in any long-term course get test series free of cost and need not enroll for this course separately.

Fees and Batch Details

Batch codeBatch TypeBatch DateBatch TimingVenueLanguageAdmission FeeTuition FeeGST 18%Total (Adm+Tuition+GST)
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Frequently Asked Questions

The course entitles a student to appear for the MENIIT’s exclusive offline test series aiming at NEET.

Yes, online testing facility is available in the test series course, however best would be to give the test offline at the center on another day. This is because, NEET is a pen and paper test. However, for emergency cases we do provide online testing.

As the test series course entitles a student only for testing, so we do not provide any study material and/or question bank for this course. However, the student is entitled to receive our compendium of formulae, which includes all concepts in a nut shell. This helps in quick revision just before testing.

Usually, the test series begins in October each year and extends till NEET. For exact date and time of tests, refer to the schedule of test series at the center.

Yes, all tests of the test series are of 3 hours and 20 minutes as per the New NEET pattern. Additionally, questions of each subject are sub-divided into two sections – (A) and (B). Section – (A) comprises of 35 compulsory questions whereas Section – (B) comprises of 15 questions of which any 10 need to be attempted.

The result is generated within 24 hours and published. The student receives his/her test performance analysis along with a compiled result of all students along with rank and percentile.

This course is intended for students who do not require classroom teaching. For many students the requisite for clearing NEET is just practice of questions and testing. So, for such students this course is not only exhaustive but also simulates the real NEET.

Yes, our test series course is open for all. Regardless of whether you are enrolled with another institute or plan to self-study at home, the course is open for admission.

Apart from exclusive doubt sessions, the student is entitled to get his/her doubts cleared from our faculties anytime during the working hours of the center. Otherwise, doubts can also be posted on the WhatsApp group. We at MENIIT are committed to help the student in all possible ways.

Generally speaking, if you yourself identify that your fundamentals are weak, then taking just the test series may not be the right step. In such a case, joining a full (XII Pass) Impulse course will benefit. The test series course is included in all our long-term courses free of cost.

There is no bench mark as such but our previous experience suggests that scoring any figure above 600 should keep you safe as far as NEET is concerned. Consistency is the key, so scoring more than 600 in one test won’t help. This should be consistent all through the test series. However, scores that are lesser can surely be improved. Speak to our faculties on how to optimize your score.

The timings are provided in the schedule of test series at the center. Rights to change these timings lie with the management at MENIIT.