Eligibility: For Students Moving From XI to XII

One year of this program aims at strengthening fundamentals of Std. XII during the year. The later part of the year includes a revision of Std. XI fundamentals. Extensive classroom teaching, personal care and ample number of test provide a winning edge to our students. 

Course Benefits


Our comprehensive NEET 1 Year EMERGE programme is meticulously designed to provide students with strong foundation building, in-depth understanding, and effective preparation for the NEET. With our NEET expert faculties, a structured updated curriculum, personalised attention, and exam-oriented study materials, students gain the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed to excel in the NEET exam and secure their dream of becoming a successful doctor/medical professional.


Experienced and Renowned NEET Faculties

Lectures will be delivered by highly qualified and experienced NEET faculties specialising in their subject.


Strong Foundation Building for NEET

Special attention to building a strong academic foundation to crack NEET.


Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage

Comprehensive coverage of all essential topics in Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology, ensuring thorough preparation to excel in the NEET exam. New structured curriculum has been crafted by our team as per revised  NEET syllabus.


Exam Oriented Study Materials

Study materials are designed by the academic R&D Team to align with the new revised syllabus, facilitating targeted and effective preparation.

Fees and Batch Details

Batch codeBatch TypeBatch DateBatch TimingVenueLanguageAdmission FeeTuition FeeGST 18%Total (Adm+Tuition+GST)
BATCH-ARegular09,Apr 202404:00:PM to 07:45:PMKalu Sarai, DelhiHINGLISH3200012800028800188800Enroll Now

Frequently Asked Questions

The NEET 1-Year (EMERGE) Classroom Program is a comprehensive training program designed to prepare students for the NEET(UG) and covers the entire two year syllabus along with test series.

This program offers classroom coaching by experienced and renowned faculties, focusing on building a strong foundation for NEET. It provides well-structured study materials, regular assessments, doubt-solving sessions, and comprehensive test series with discussion.

Doubt-solving sessions are an integral part of the program. Students can ask questions and get their doubts clarified either during class or in dedicated doubt-solving sessions by expert faculties.

The program typically provides strong foundations in Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology for NEET.

This program is designed for students moving from XI to XII aspiring for NEET(UG).

MENIIT provides scholarships & financial assistance based on the performance of the student in the Scholarship Test.

MENIIT offers a range of comprehensive, coloured printed study materials, including textbooks, practice papers, and reference materials for NEET(UG). In addition we provide question banks at different levels that cater to needs of all students.

Direct enrollment or the Scholarship Test are two options for joining this program. You can register online or by visiting any of our centres.