Eligibility: For Class VIII to IX Moving Students

This program is designed to provide students with the essential knowledge, skills, and confidence they require to excel in their academic exams and prepare for various competitive examinations like the NSEJS, IJSO, RMO, and other entrance examinations.


Course Benefits


Our Foundation program is designed to prepare students for academic excellence and train them to crack Olympiads and other entrance exams.


Strong Academic Foundation Building

Comprehensive curriculum designed to build a strong academic foundation.


Integrated preparation

Integrated preparation for Olympiad, NSEJS, IJSO, RMO, Board Exams and other entrance examinations.


Doubt Resolution

Faculties conduct dedicated doubt-solving sessions to address students doubts.


Parent & Teacher Interaction

Interaction between parents and teachers to keep one informed about  their child's progress and ensure their academic excellence.

Fees and Batch Details

Batch codeBatch TypeBatch DateBatch TimingVenueLanguageAdmission FeeTuition FeeGST 18%Total (Adm+Tuition+GST)
BATCH-W (4 Year) Weekend13,Apr 202410:00:AM to 03:30:PMKalu Sarai, DelhiHINGLISH7800031200070200460200Enroll Now
BATCH-W (2 Year)Weekend09,Apr 202410:00:AM to 03:30:PMJanakpuri, DelhiHINGLISH2500010000022500147500Enroll Now

Frequently Asked Questions

The MENIIT Foundation course is a comprehensive program designed for VIII to IX Moving Students to prepare for competitive exams like NSEJS, IJSO, RMO, and other State Science Talent Search Exams.

The MENIIT Foundation course is primarily designed for VIII to IX Moving Students who wish to start their preparations early for prestigious competitive exams.

This Foundation course helps students build a strong conceptual understanding of science and mathematics. It prepares them for prestigious competitive exams along with Board Exams by laying a solid foundation in the core subjects.

The instructors are experienced and highly qualified teachers who specialise in teaching science and mathematics.

To enroll, you can register for the scholarship test.

Yes, You can enroll in this course alongside your regular school studies. It requires good time management and dedication.

The MENIIT Foundation course focuses on in-depth subject knowledge and competitive exam preparation, while regular school education offers a broader curriculum, which can complement each other.

Parents can stay informed about their child's progress in the MENIIT Foundation course through regular parent-teacher meetings, and individual performance analysis reports.